George Ko at Cleveland Institute of Music's Mixon Hall.

George Ko at Cleveland Institute of Music's Mixon Hall.

From the World Journal.

By Esther Hsiao in Irvine Rewritten by Jayburt Tsang

Amidst the envious eyes of his friends and acquaintances, George Ko (柯慶恩), a Harvard undergraduate student, decided after 2 years of majoring in Economics that he would like to take a year off academics to pursue his true passion – music.

George recalled attending his first concert in San Diego when he was in junior high school. It was a performance by the world renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang. After arriving at the concert hall embarrassingly late, George simply wanted to skip the entire concert. But his parents insisted on attending the remaining half of the performance.

George’s agitated nerves were calmed instantly when Lang Lang’s fingers began flying across the grand piano and Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No.2 began to permeate the concert hall. For the first time in his life, George was utterly stunned by music.

George had won prizes in many piano contests, even before he entered Harvard. Even now, he plays the piano a few hours a day at Harvard. Still, his decision to take a year off from Harvard to concentrate on his piano studies bewildered and astonished his parents. Nevertheless, George was able to convince them of his decision.

Recently, George gave his recital debut at the St Margaret’s Performing Arts Center in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Originated from 6//2014 World Journal.

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